Sunday, March 14, 2010

Meltdown Project

Is it just me or does riding the spring slush feel like waterboarding? Maybe that is because the snow is transforming into water.  Its a bittersweet reality, but this reality is life.  A life cycle that keeps things fresh.  For me the seasons play a vital roll in my inspiration to ride.  The melting snow makes waterways and vegetation come to life.  Along with that, new features are exposed and gaps become safer.  If only I had a winch.  Anyways, its time to rotate and thats what I plan to do.         

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Let it Ride

Fish will frolic in the sea
That is where they're meant to be
As for me, I shall be free
Among the waves and waterways
I'm on top and they're below
Lack of fins to feel the flow
Swimming is what they do best
I would rather wear a vest
Skimming, swimming side by side
One will ask me for a ride
As we meet eye to eye
I Can tell you're on my side
Salt or fresh its all good fun
Except when we get burnt by sun
If we could we'd fly away
Moving in a better way
As for now we'll Let it Ride
Meet up with Kelly in the sky

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Waterboarding is Fun

Frozen or not, H2O is fun.  Its fun to eat or drink, ski or board, swim or skim. The idea of good water riding should be vast. However, it is important to recognize our roots and what came before us. Skateboarding evolved from Surfing, Snowboarding evolved from Surfing and Skating. Waterboarding is the combination of all board elements. No longer do you need the aid of a boat to enjoy the activity, even though boats are fun like water. A wake is only one feature you can utilize on the water. Water is the medium that we ride on and there is a lot out there to get creative with. A waterboard simply put is a snowboard for the water. There are four characteristics that are key to a true waterboard;  1. No bottom features aka Finless 2. Flex, both nose to tail and torsional  3. Sidecut also known as inside radius  4. 100% wood core. A waterboard is by far the best tool for any towable freestyle water application. Its time to rotate in the right direction, express your freedom on the water by becoming a waterboarder.