Sunday, March 14, 2010

Meltdown Project

Is it just me or does riding the spring slush feel like waterboarding? Maybe that is because the snow is transforming into water.  Its a bittersweet reality, but this reality is life.  A life cycle that keeps things fresh.  For me the seasons play a vital roll in my inspiration to ride.  The melting snow makes waterways and vegetation come to life.  Along with that, new features are exposed and gaps become safer.  If only I had a winch.  Anyways, its time to rotate and thats what I plan to do.         

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Let it Ride

Fish will frolic in the sea
That is where they're meant to be
As for me, I shall be free
Among the waves and waterways
I'm on top and they're below
Lack of fins to feel the flow
Swimming is what they do best
I would rather wear a vest
Skimming, swimming side by side
One will ask me for a ride
As we meet eye to eye
I Can tell you're on my side
Salt or fresh its all good fun
Except when we get burnt by sun
If we could we'd fly away
Moving in a better way
As for now we'll Let it Ride
Meet up with Kelly in the sky